Lukewarm Performance Leads To Departure

After four years as a Maple Leaf Luke Schenn will finally get his wish and has been traded to play with his brother Brandon.

He was drafted fifth overall in 2008 but never really panned out in Toronto, and there was much frustra-schenn with his inconsistent play. After four years in the league one would hope his development would be further along but he never really turned into the hard-nosed gritty number one defenseman everyone hoped he would.

Now he gets to take his lukewarm play to Philadelphia where he can play on a line with his brother. Enjoy Philadelphia Luke, we’re sure it’ll treat you really well!

In return we welcome James Van Riemsdyk! JVR has been a force ever since entering the league and this young power forward has incredible upside! Some are projecting him to be a Cam Neely type for years to come. His gritty performance in last year’s playoffs will serve Toronto well in next year’s playoffs and we look forward to seeing him score many goals and pulverize many opponents over the next six years!

Monster Trade As Gustavsson Dealt

It was time for a shakeup in the crease as Brian Burke made a monster trade, dealing the rights to Jonas Gustavsson to Winnipeg for a conditional seventh round draft pick. Gustavsson never really fit into the Leafs netminder role despite arriving with heavy fanfare back in 2009.

Gustavsson -- Getty Images

This was a smart move by Brian Burke as the Monster was at the end of his contract. Since he obviously didn’t fit into the plan Brian Burke was smart to get some value out of this below-average goalie!

Gustavsson did get four shutouts last season but he also took four penalty minutes, unacceptable for a goalie. He played 42 games and went 17-17-4, so he lost more games than he won.

Perhaps this deal is paving the way for a trade involving Roberto Luongo! Who knows what Brian Burke has in store for this season!

More smoke around potential Leafs Yakupov deal

Edmonton Journal writer Jonathan Willis blogs about a potential Schenn + #5 for Yakupov swap and cites the CBC’s Elliotte Freedman’s suggestion of the possibility as well.

As we blogged about earlier this week, Yakupov makes a lot of sense for the Leafs and Brian Burke is no doubt working on making this a reality, but the real key to unlocking this trade is Nazem Kadri. Kadri is a great player but the Leafs’ phenomenal depth at centre allows us to make this deal, while Kadri instantly becomes the Oilers #1 pivot for years to come!

Luongo considers trade to Leafs

Could Roberto Luongo start the season in blue and white? I guess the Canucks jersey is also blue and white but it also has green in it. Anyway, a source close to the Maple Leafs suggests that talks are underway.

"Roberto knows he probably won’t be the starter in Vancouver anymore," said our source. "He’s a proud athlete and a great goaltender, and he wants to go to a team that will give him the reins and a chance at the Cup." When asked if Toronto was a possible destination, our source said "Yes, he would definitely be the starter in Toronto."

Well I’m not sure about the starter part because we have two awesome young goaltenders in James Reimer and Jonas THE MONSTER Gustavsson, but Luongo is an elite goalie! Adding him would really strengthen the back end and help solidify the Leafs as a real Cup contender!

Roberto Luongo comes with a long term contract that runs until he’s 44 and he has a cap hit of about $5.6 million so Vancouver will need to take some salary back to make this a fair trade. We expect a trade to look something like Luongo and Jannik Hansen for Nazem Kadri and Mike Komisarek. Komisarek has an albatross contract that would be only fair for Vancouver to pick up if we’re taking their bad Luongo contract.

Hopefully we will soon get confirmation on these rumors and see Roberto Luongo helping the Leafs complete the puzzle of being Stanley Cup Champions!

Phil Kessel carrying the cup, June 2013

Phil Kessel carrying the cup, June 2013

SOURCE: Leafs interested in Rick Nash

According to sources close to the team, Brian Burke would love to sign impending free agent Rick Nash.

The Greatest Leaf starts the Maple Leaf Dynasty

The Greatest Leaf starts the Maple Leaf Dynasty

Welcome to Plan the Parade

Hello hockey fans!

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We started this blog because we recognize that after years of heartache, the Leafs are on the cusp of great things and that this season will be the first of many Stanley Cup victories, and Leafs fans deserve a blog that is earnest in its convictions to supporting the Leafs!

So who are we? We are Terry, the world’s #1 Leafs fan, and Alex, the world’s #1a Leafs fan. Here is Terry at a game:

Terry is the number one Leafs fan

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Should the Leafs draft Nail Yakupov?

The NHL Entry Draft is fast approaching and Brian Burke has a big decision to make: Draft Mikhail Grigorenko with the 5th overall pick or trade up with Edmonton and pick Nail Yakupov. Grigorenko is a great player but the Maple Leafs have a lot of All Star-calibre centres like Nazem Kadri and The Greatest Leaf: Tyler Bozak. So perhaps the best choice would be to draft Nail Yakupov.

Yakupov in a Leafs jersey

That leads us to our next question: Who should we trade to the Oilers?

The obvious choice is to trade Nazem Kadri and the 5th overall pick to move up to #1 and get Yakupov, but we could also trade The Greatest Leaf: Tyler Bozak and the 5th overall pick to get #1, but that would leave a hole at centre on the #1 line in the NHL, so that probably does not make sense. Kadri is a great player and a sure-fire All Star, but Nail Yakupov has the potential to be the next Wayne Gretzky or Wendel Clark!

So the answer is: See you later, Nazem Kadri! Welcome to the first of your many Stanley Cup-winning Maple Leafs teams, Nail Yakupov! Let’s hope Brian Burke does not screw this up!